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Clarification questions and answers to tenderers

Is it possible to consider the laptop to be delivered from a non-eligible country acceptable, if the installation of the software was executed in Hungary?

No, the installation of software is not sufficient to meet the general criteria of origin. According to the PraG procedure ’The country of origin is deemed to be the country in which the goods have undergone their last, economically justified, substantial transformation and the provisions of  Article 24 of the Community Customs Code must therefore be applied on a case by case basis to those goods. If the last substantial transformation has not taken place in a Member State of the European Union or one of the eligible recipient countries, the goods cannot be tendered for the project.’

Eligible countries:

  • Member State of the European Union;
  • Member State of the European Economic Area;
  • an official candidate country or potential candidate that is a beneficiary of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), depending on the basic act;
  • in the case of procurement and grants financed by the EU Budget under a thematic program, a developing country as specified by the OECD Development Assistance Committee annexed to the instrument
  • as the case may be, another third country (see point 2.3.2);
  • those countries that are beneficiaries of a decision establishing reciprocal access to external aid.
  • Reciprocal access in the least developed countries shall be automatically granted to the OECD/DAC members (see list of members in Annex A2); 
  •  These procedures are also open to an international organization.

Is it sufficient to certify the references with the authorized signature of the tenderer?

Yes, for the verification of the tenderer’s technical capacity, the 6th point of the Tender form for supply contract ’Experiences’ has to be duly filled in with authorized signature in the end of the Tender form.

The tenderer has to have been already commissioned for supplying IT appliance three times in the recent 2 years from 30th of January 2011. Each of the three contracting value has to exceed 2000 EUR.



*“According to the general criteria of origin, all goods supplied under this contract must originate from in one or more of these countries, except the two pieces of projector. The derogation in case of these two items is permitted, because there is no producer or supplier in the preferred countries. For the purchase of projectors the procedure is open for the goods from non eligible countries.”*

We found no printer that would fulfill all your requests. There is one type of printer which is essemled and transferred within European Union or in a country or territory of the regions, but does not fulfill all
the technical requirements.
The product: HP CLJ CP 3525 dn
Resolution: 1200*600 (instead of 1200*1200) and only can print in A4.
(This criteria was not included in your project)

We would like to know if You would accept the above mentioned HP CLJ 3525dn printer within your IT Supply for the project HUSRB/0901/221/04 ?

Yours sincerely,

*/Laborczi Bernadett/*
/WSH Számítástechnikai, Oktató és Szolgáltató Kft. /
/1133 Budapest, Árbóc u. 6./
/Tel: (+36-1) 452-5050/
/Fax: (+36-1 )452-5055/


"The Contracting Authority prefers the supplies fulfilling the minimum criteria and the eligibility criteria as well. In case of valid proposals, these supplies - printers - will have priority. On the other hand, we suggest the Applicant to hand in the proposal, because all the tenders will be duly evaluated and the best offer will be awarded."